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Kolları Kavuşturma Pozu

Reverend Refi' Cevad (Ulunay) Bey said, “ If there is no goodwill in a job, it is useless to seek safety in that job! ”, he made a confession in his novel that he had written. This saying, Al-Haqk is true. As expressed in this beautiful word, we are in this medium with pure intentions. It is only one of our sole aims to deliver the works that are left among the dusty pages of time or that have been forgotten. Although these words, which are reflected in terms of intention, are our goodwill, they aspire to your good wishes.

Apart from the sincere intentions expressed, “Mai Publishing House” is a company established for digital publications. Since digital copyright content in our country does not yet have a serious administrative policy, our books are published through "Google". It is within our goals to take part in different platforms in the future. May Allah make our sentence successful.

Mai Publishing House

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