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Publisher Policy

Our publishing house is particularly interested in books in the Ottoman press. The reason for this is to convey to the reader some of the information lost during the letter change and the liquidation of the words.  comes from its goal. Of course, our work will not be limited to this only. Over time, works translated from other languages will also be copyrighted. Since all these works are pledged to a certain time, they will gradually meet with the reader when the time comes.  

Velhâsil-ı kalam, we are determined to bring to today's publishing world the information that is not available in the current press, cannot be printed, cannot be read or understood even if it is found.

Our Reader Relationships

Our readers can always contact us. This will please us. 

When word errors are seen in texts  or " Why did you do this like this ", they can contact us to answer their questions. Our being in a corporate structure does not require us to set aside our sincerity. It is enough to just talk with respect to our mutual rights.

Apart from all these, we hope that the most congratulatory messages will come... Your views are always important to us.

Our Student Support

Our students will be subject to a certain percentage discount if they prove to us that they are students. Do not hesitate to contact us.  

Apart from this, special days and some discount applications will be deified from our social media accounts. Don't forget to follow us and subscribe to our newsletter.

Our Goals

• Translated Works
• Journal Publication

• Rebroadcasts

Our Service View

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