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02 - Preface
05 - Women of the Far East:Tradition and Society in Korea, Japan, and China
07 - Korean Women
15 - Japanese Women
24 - Chinese Women

Women of the Far East: Tradition and Society in Korea, Japan, and China

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This book invites you on a journey of exploration into the lives and cultures of ancient Asian women. It offers a brief and concise glimpse into the lives, traditions, and daily routines of women in ancient Asia. Designed as a means to understand the daily lives and various social roles of women during those times.

Focusing on different cultures such as China, Japan, and Korea, the book sheds light on how women lived, what they valued, and how they interacted in their daily lives. It explores their place in society, their roles within the family, and other significant duties traditionally undertaken.

Each page aims to immerse the reader into the lives of women during those times. Their daily rituals, attire, family relationships, and societal norms are briefly discussed in this work. Additionally, it highlights their contributions in areas such as education, art, and religion, emphasizing their cultural and social significance.
Dating back to 1896, this book aims to strengthen readers' ability to understand and appreciate cultural heritage, while gaining a deep perspective on how women have shaped history. I hope this book offers a new understanding and profound exploration into the lives of ancient Asian women. Happy reading.


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